Support platform terms and conditions


When accessing or using our product support platform, you agree to respect the legislation and all legal terms of use. If you do not agree with our legal terms of use and EULA , do not access or use this service.



On our platform, you have the possibility to create an account. This account will give you access to use the platform, open new requests and communicate with our dedicated support team. All accounts are personal. We will never ask you for your password or any kind of sensitive or personal information regarding your profile.

All your data will be kept on our support platform for 2 years after the collaboration is ended. We assume that will never communicate any kind of information to any third-party entity without your explicit approval.

In order to open an account, you have to go to the main page and then click on Sign up.


How to use the platform

The single point of contact for all users is our Help Center.

In order to be helped by our support team, you have to create a new request by following these steps:

  • Log in on our Help Center

  • Select Life in Codes - App Support category then the relevant type of request

  • Please select the product which you are working with.

  • Fill out the form with as many details as possible in order to speed the issue resolution (include screenshots, backups, logs, etc.)

  • Click on Create

Alternatively, you can also send an email to to create new tickets.

The support team will evaluate your request in charge and provide the required details. Several results can occur:

  • There will be an exchange of comments between you and the support team until a satisfying solution is found and accepted. The request is then closed.

  • The issue is transferred to the development team if the request is related to complex technical subjects.

  • If a Bug is created and describes a product malfunction then it has to be linked to the Support request. All updates on the bug resolution is then provided on the new Bug and the Support request is considered answered if no other help is requested from you.

  • Please note that the created bug is public; in case it’s been newly created from a support request, all data are either anonymized, or the bug is created as private if data can’t be anonymized.

  • If there is needed a change request you have to link it to the Support request, in case it describes a feature that is currently not available in the product. All updates on the change request resolution is then provided on the new Change request and the Support request is considered answered if no further details are requested from you.


Privacy policy

All new support tickets that you request are private. This means that only you and our team can have access to them. All attachments (i.e. screenshots, backups, logs, etc.) will be kept private and will never be communicated to any other third party entity without your explicit approval.

You have the option to add more users than only yourself on the request. You can do it by clicking on the Share link after the request has been created. All users that you add must have an account on our platform.


Level of Support

Our team works hard to provide the highest level of support. We assure you that all your requests will have an answer within 1 business day. Our support team will try to help you whenever you have issues and bugs linked to our apps.

You must have a valid license and follow a configuration supported by Atlassian in order to receive this level of support.

Issues opened via the ‘Suggest a new feature’ and ‘Suggest improvement’ options on our Help Center are not subject to the 1 business day level of support.


Business hours

Our team offers support from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm EDT.

We are closed during weekends and public holidays.