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Issue Preview for Jira data security and privacy statement


The aim of this page is to document all relevant information about the Data Security & Privacy Statement of Life in Codes Solutions SRL in relation with Issue Preview for Jira app.

Data storage terms and data storage location

Life in Codes does not store any data on it’s own premises.

As Issue Preview for Jira app is developed only for on-premise (server) applications, data is stored on the customer’s application server side, inside the Atlassian Jira database using Active Objects tables. This means backups, data retention and security are all at the discretion of the customer.

The information collected in the Active Objects tables is for audit reasons and includes the date and username of the person who configured the apps.

No data is sent from the customer to Life in Codes during the use of our apps.


No data is sent to Life in Codes during the use of Issue Preview for Jira.

When you start a trial or purchase a license for Issue Preview for Jira, we will receive your data, as you have it in your such us:

  • Company name

  • Contact name

  • Email address

  • Location

  • User tier

We might use this data to contact you for feedback or news regarding our products.